La Plagne to Val Thorens

Wow – a week here feels like a lifetime, our night out in La Plagne for Katie’s birthday a distant memory. We had the first injury of the season before we even got to our resort that night when Brad stacked it down the stairs to the bar and rolled his ankle. First shag of […]

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Chalet Training in La Plagne

Big news hit yesterday: Ruthy is coming to visit! Even better, she’ll be staying for two weeks over Christmas and New Year! I am ecstatic. She is my friend who was supposed to be coming out here with me, and only decided a couple of months ago that a career in London would be a […]

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Back on the Road

After three months of living back in Leeds to save some dollar, Saturday I was training it down to London to get a coach to the Alps. My ski season was starting! The past week has been a wave of emotions. The day I left Leeds (albeit fragile from the no shamed last night at […]

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Drinkin’ in Dublin: Day 3

The final and third day in Dublin was what we’d both been nerdily waiting for: a visit to the Long Room. A colossal old library with rows and rows of ancient books on huge arched shelves continuing on into what felt like infinity. We were up early, sprightly, and ready to go! We left the […]

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Drinkin’ In Dublin: Day 2

On the morning of our second day we decided to walk around the cathedrals Dublin has to offer – we visited St Patrick’s and Christ Church – and both were beautiful. St Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest and tallest church in Ireland and Christ Church was smaller but equally impressive. Next? You guessed it: another […]

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Drinkin’ in Dublin: Day 1

With my last holiday to Lanzarote starting with me losing my passport and bank cards (typical), I was hoping mine and Phin’s city break in Dublin would go smoothly. We thought we had it sorted: short flight, itinerary planned, air bnb booked. The three days before we were due to travel, Phin logged into air […]

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Volcano Houses and Albino Crabs

Having moved back to Leeds at the beginning of August for three months of working and saving before my ski season starts (I’m moving out to Val Thorens on the 30th November, eeee!), my feet were getting itchy and skin lacking the sunshine. What does this call for? A last minute holiday, obviously.  A mid-September […]

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